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  • [Live a healthier life]: Our Posture Corrector helps you regain proper posture which can help to prevent the onset of back, neck and shoulder pain. It fits back spine, help vertebra get back, pull shoulders backward, prevent and improve humpback. After Four weeks of use, you will gradually see attractive body curves and postures that will surprise you. Our Posture Corrector helps provide alignment while sitting, standing, lying down or during your other daily activities.
  • [Easy to wear and put off] :While other posture correctors dig into your armpits hurting your skin or are uncomfortable after only a short period of time, our Posture Corrector is designed for comfort. To wear the back brace corrector according to your body shape and adjust the belt freely. It is very easy to wear or put off. Please control the time within about 15 to 25 minutes when first using, and then increase 20 minutes each day until wearing 2 hours every day.
  • [Wear inconspicuously]: The back posture corrector can be worn on your clothes or inside tops at work or daily life and inconspicuous. We recommend it for those who are worried about humpback and for those who have humpback, sore shoulder, uncomfortable waist caused by sitting at the desk for a long time. It can correct the incorrect postures, keep good body shape, and improve the problems such as scoliosis, spinal side bend, lumbago, etc at the same time.
  • [ Premium quality soft and breathable fabric]: The posture brace material is light and breathable, which feels super soft and comfortable to your skin. Featuring strong but lightweight breathable washable materials means you will stay cool while improving your posture. It comes in 3 sizes to fit most body types.
  • [Durable & strong ]: This back brace uses premium Velcro that lasts longer and holds stronger.

Posture Corrector for Women and Men, Caretras Adjustable Upper Back Brac

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