• COMPLETE BUNION PAIN RELIEF DELUXE KIT. PediGoo 13 pieces Bunion Corrector helps with discomfort, pressure, and inflammation caused by bunions. Made of durable and medical-grade materials to instantly reduce daily discomfort of bunion and hammertoe pain. Don’t let foot pain slow you down.
  • BUNION PAIN RELIEF THAT CAN BE WORN WITH SHOES. The bunion corrector sleeves, silicone toe separators with guard and standard toe spacers can be worn discreetly under shoes, socks, and stockings for undetectable protection. Suitable For all kinds all shoes like flats, sandals, heels and sneakers. The secret to healthy and beautiful feet.
  • SOFT SILICONE FIVE TOE SEPARATOR PROVIDS INSTANT RELIEF. Made of durable medical grade silicone, the blue toe separator relieves pain associated with bunions, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis and chronic foot pain. This silicone separator will soothe aching feet and strengthen neglected, weak toes and fix foot problems naturally.
  • ADHESIVE ARCH SUPPORT CUSHIONS REDUCE TOE PRESSURE. Made of soft medical-grade polyurethane gel material and designed for relieving toe pressure and providing arch support while standing or moving. Self-adhesive, reusable and washable. Suitable for flats, sandals and high heels.
  • NO-RISK PURCHASE! UNCONDITIONAL 12-MONTH MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you’re unsatisfied with this item for any reason, we’ll immediately refund your purchase price. We only develop products that were carefully tested - Buy the best with confidence! If you're not happy for any reason, you can contact our customer service at any time and we're here to help you because we're truly dedicated to your satisfaction.

Bunion Splint (Deluxe Kit - 11pcs)

SKU: 740229967585
  • STOP YOUR PAIN NOW - PediGoo Bunion Corrector Deluxe Kit Provides Symptomatic Relief for All Sorts of Problems Including:
    Hammer Toe
    Toe Rubbing
    Claw Toe
    Hallux Valugs
    Plantar Fasciitis
    Corns & Calluses
    Flat Feet
    High Arches

    Product Specification:
    Brand: PediGoo Package Quantity: 11 Pieces
    Corrector Sleeves Material: Medical-grade Lycra and Silicone
    Sleeves Size: 3.7in x 3in x 2in
    Toe Separators and Spacers Material: Medical-grade Silicone
    Blue Toe Separator Size: 4.5in x 1.4in x 0.7in
    Big Toe with Guard Size: 3.3in x 1.8in
    Small Toe with Guard Size: 2.9in x 0.8in
    Standard Spacers Size: 1.4in x 0.9in
    Storage Bag Size: 7.9in x 6.3in
    Package Size: 10in x 6.3in
    Package Weight: 205g
    Product Type: Orthopedic Supplies
    Suitable for Shoes Types: Flats, Sandals, Heels, Sneakers
    Great for: Walking, Hiking, Biking, Running
    One Size Fit All: Women Shoe Sizes 6 - 11 & Men Shoe Sizes 7 - 10

    Key Features:
    Flexible & Comfortable
    Washable & Reusable
    Toe Separation Care
    Medical-grade Material

    Tips for Using Blue Silicone Toe Separator:
    Begin wearing Five Toe Silicone Separator for 15 minutes per session and increase up to an hour. At first, you may feel some soreness. Just like with all exercise, that’s normal.

    Package Included:
    2 x Bunion Corrector Sleeve
    2 x Blue Five Toe Separator
    2 x Big Toe Separator with Bunion Guard
    2 x Small Toe Separator with Bunion Guard
    2 x Standard Toe Spacer
    1 x Big Toe Strap
    1 x Storage Bag
    1 x User Instructions

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